Severe Risks Could Put Your Business in Peril Without the Right Coverage

Posted by CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance on Oct 3, 2018 10:50:40 AM

As a vacation rental property owner, you need the right type and the right amount of commercial vacation rental property insurance to protect your investment and mitigate your legal liability risk. Learn more in this week's blog post!


While your vacation rental property is probably not your only source of income, it is a business venture.

As such, you need the right type and the right amount of commercial vacation rental property insurance to protect your investment and mitigate your legal liability risk.

Renting your condo, townhome, cabin, single-family home, or other property comes with more risk than some vacation property owners realize. If those risks are not adequately addressed, you could find yourself having to pay for expensive repairs or responsible for large legal liabilities in court.

Renting your vacation property to strangers always carries a risk. Most people who use vacation rental properties are responsible and careful, but, there are also many people who do not respect the property, and act carelessly and negligently.   In 2015, an Airbnb host in San Francisco lost $35,000 in stolen property from a locked closet and office. One of your best defenses against personal losses from damaged, destroyed or stolen property is adequate commercial vacation rental coverage to pay for repairing or replacing your assets.

Another type of risk vacation property owners face is the chance that a loss will occur while the property is in-between renters. For example, if your cabin renters’ stay ends on Sunday and the property isn’t occupied until your next renters arrive the following Friday, damage could go unnoticed for several days. Damage due to undetected water leaks are among the most common causes of claims. In the case of an issue like a broken water pipe, any delay in noticing and addressing the problem could cause the cost of repairing it to escalate. Commercial insurance policies designed to protect property owners will provide the necessary coverage to give you peace of mind.

Finally, no matter how careful you are about implementing and maintaining safety precautions for your property, there is always the risk that a renter will become injured, Injuries and even deaths can occur that require medical attention and related expenses, which may result in a lawsuit for damages. Several years ago, an Airbnb guest in Texas was killed when a tree fell on the property, and injuries of less severity are not uncommon. Commercial vacation rental property coverage protects property owners from these types of losses, and it also protects them in the event a renter decides to file a legal lawsuit and sue for damages.

When you buy commercial vacation rental property coverage, you can rest easy knowing your property is protected from damage or theft, and that you have liability protection if someone sues you for damages related to your vacation property.

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